Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Judged By Twelve Or Carried By Six

theres the sheep and the wolves
and the sheep dogs
the wolves and the sheep dogs
are related
dog is god backwards
then, theres the vigilantes
who do they belong to?

theres the wild wild west
the internet, breaking through the matrix
bringing down the walls
too many worms taking over the apple
no more just another brick
better to be judged by twelve
than carried by six

theres power in numbers
individuals rising
x-factors arriving
you better watch out
you better not pout
look around, ranger justice
is coming to town

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


the flowers talk to me
of appreciation
thirsty their mouths water
to be higher
on some peoples totem poles

then again some dour ants
envy flowers popularity
no annual ant shows
around the world
sort of like growing up a girl

complex social colonies
render such tragedies
industry driving forward
to the brink of madness
rolling over singular sadness

the grasses speak as one
green statements of contentment
while the masses lament
for something else
somewhere outside themselves

behind a bright curtain
the wizard explains
its not my fault
I do my best
you must do the rest

what flowers do best is smile
they do not toil or worry
they lift their heads up as clouds rain down
bringing warriors back
riding sky horses to certain victory

when I was small
an ant the size of a pin head
was my role model
so I could not fly
as an eagle does

if you were an eagle
but told you were an ant
you would never fly
flowers are not concerned with this
as they get kissed by the sun

and really
that's all the appreciation they need
besides one or two idle complaints
the flowers say to me
water your flowers not your weeds


against laughter in the night
wrong turns I did invite
vivid colors spin on flowers
busy bees consuming hours
listening to the sixties
on a small white box
everything is groovy
with many rivers to cross

lost in a wilderness
wild garden of pain
you loved me once didn’t you?
then please love me again
expire date on eye lids
potential turning rancid
I pace the cage and wait
my shadow heavier than hate

the sun never died on certain worlds
so it has never risen
dizzy these days of blooming
like a husk torn from a ripened cob
leaning towards a whole new world
losing everything I thought I was
medium height, poetic, lover of the sea
I am mournings ecstasy

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I'm Ready

I’m ready to go
I’m ready to leave
Close to heaven
I have been

I know how it feels
To suppress a scream
When I get there
It won’t be a dream

Your words send me
Flying past the clouds
Flying past the know hows
Flying faster now

I’m read to go
All the best
Enough of hell
No place left

To bleed, well
Its goodbye my friend
How will I know
If I miss you

Guess the peace
Will tell me
Guess the release
Will not kill me

I’m ready to go
I’m ready to leave
Exhausted with love
Flying past the clouds above

You will forget about me
Out of sight, out of mind
Out of heart, out of gas
Not stranded on the highway

For others to pass

I’m ready to go
The towels thrown in
Shooting past lonely stars
Looking for heaven