Friday, January 15, 2016

Blind Leading the Blind

opinions, blacks and blues
everybody's got some
conviction, beliefs
is it possible to have none?

sitting, waiting, polishing the pews
the window frame
it holds the flow
of forever change

variety, the spice, lies in the news
distortion, abortion
thick skin and helmets
zombies and hybrids

war, they sang, even with its colours and hues
what is it good for
absolutely nothing

of necessity, they need you
wars of greed
of shock & awe
to bleed

for billionaires, the privileged few
to buy
a seventy-fourth house
to die

here we stand, where angels flew
here we fall
with a hard thud
history won't care

at all

the glut of shiny objects, won't smile at you
in a pile of dust
all solutions
words of must