Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Way

my way will not be ignoring them
my way will not be fearing
my way will not be falling prey
to their mumbo jumbo
their new age jargon
my way will not be what others say
it will not be philosophical
but stark cold calling
a spade a spade
a killer a killer
the movie?
not a thriller
a romance
or a comedy
but a brown bag seedy horror
a plethora of shells in your burning eyes
from an array of mortar
in the dark already
in pain both subtle and gory
my way will not be sorry
navigating the last chapter
of the story
the awakened warrior
has a lazar focus
and a narrow neutral path
carrying a flag of life
and a sword of death

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Truth Is A Lonely Warrior

my laptop is my gun
I am in the quiet war
but not with a quiet mind
and not with a quiet weapon
where I stand outside the prison
while my body is a target
electricity my friend
lies are my enemy
I shoot bullets of information
some wound, some kill
some miss,
I tell you this
truth is a lonely warrior
a termite working overtime
until the structure of lies
and the phoenix flies high
above the burning pile
of all that defiles
justice, peace and love

I am not below or above
I am not near or far
I am because we are

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


the ocean never refuses the river
I am that river
seeking home
letting go of all
that does not grow corn
the silence speaks louder now
I am not alone
in the void a voice
breaks the silence
with a gentle snap
who is it?
is it a trap?
letting go of fear, of doubt
the river rushes on
into arms that don't judge
but don't choose sabotage
the river leaves the debris behind
merging not as one
but as one drop

ready to take on
any petty tyrants
that spoil the party

life goes on
babies are born
cute little baby animals
ripped from limb to limb
such is the grim truth
of anything
angling away from love

Sunday, July 10, 2016

What is this debate about Maharishi

What is this debate about Maharishi?
So what if he slept with young women
He will give you nothing to swallow
God, guru, who cares
Why do you follow?
I bow down to no one
No deity bows down to me
I don't prescribe to their killing sprees
Strange fruit
Hanging from tree’s
A weakened society
Bloated with gods blood lust
duped with gods plea
fearful they will be punished
like animals in a pen
When they need us
More than we need them
Leaving when the going gets tough
Sucking the sadness through straws
Of smug trust
In humanities surrender
and then...
Finds its own victims
Feeding off the energy
Of suffering
Damn the gods
Damn the people
For making something
Out of nothing

They are no more divine than a ghost
no more cosmic than you or I
no more entitled or intended to run the universe
than any other gang of warlords might be
this debate about Maharishi
well, its just more gossip
to fill an empty day
as an empty cup
waits for tea
who gives a shit about the Maharishi

Friday, January 15, 2016

Blind Leading the Blind

opinions, blacks and blues
everybody's got some
conviction, beliefs
is it possible to have none?

sitting, waiting, polishing the pews
the window frame
it holds the flow
of forever change

variety, the spice, lies in the news
distortion, abortion
thick skin and helmets
zombies and hybrids

war, they sang, even with its colours and hues
what is it good for
absolutely nothing

of necessity, they need you
wars of greed
of shock & awe
to bleed

for billionaires, the privileged few
to buy
a seventy-fourth house
to die

here we stand, where angels flew
here we fall
with a hard thud
history won't care

at all

the glut of shiny objects, won't smile at you
in a pile of dust
all solutions
words of must