Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Rose Needs It's Thorns

Once upon a time
she handed me her thorns
they were not light
I hesitated
If someone told you
a trek through hell
would lead you to her side
would you cheat
go another way
or swallow hard
and bravely bleed
picking thorns from your skin
a chance to win

The rose is beautiful
queen of the flowers
symbol of love
my heart drags at my side
I forgot why
it’s been so long
the beautiful
need protection
the protector
needs the beautiful
someone has to be strong
time needs no one
dabbing wounds
one puncture hole
at a time

on display in a crystal vase
a heavenly aroma turning brown
delicate pedals falling
thorns left standing
crucibles for transformation
Aphrodite looks down
at a slain Adonis
in a pool of blood
at a love
which needs no explanation
as a rose bush grows
on that very spot
in remembrance
of their immortal

Sunday, March 15, 2015


In the garden
A mirror
In front of me

A reflection
Of the garden

A silhouette
Into flames

The unreality
Of what
Appears absurd

I can’t climb
Into the mirror
Everything fades

The end
Has begun
With earthquakes

Just beginning
A dying
A rising sun

Vision obstructed
Until the ashes
Blow away

until the clock strikes
its poison arrow
at tomorrow

until the hallelujah
exploding shattered
disheartened glass

crunches beneath my feet
a carnival of wickedness