Monday, January 26, 2015

What is Not

it's not as hopeless
as you perceive
don't leave
in time you will see
where you came from
what you are here to do
feeling as they
feel limitation
and the frustration
to be free
when you remember
why you volunteered
as a committed carrier of light
many times
many places
you came
and worlds changed

these others,
sometimes you must allow them
to destroy themselves
with their destructive ways
so they can learn the value of life
learning to feel
because when they don't feel life
they don't value life

dead, not actually alive
they don't make room
for Tinker Bell anymore
playing with imagination
to form creation
they are inundated with electronics
they don't sit and watch the snow swirl
making shapes
or watch the squirrels scamper
preparing for winter
drinking in the grounding nourishment
of nature
they let others
write stories for them
they get what they allow
and now you know

what is real and what is not
once the veil has dropped

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