Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Norms of Ecstasy

Sunlight on silvery threads
thin spider webs
small laughing
swinging, smiling
learning to travel
movement unstoppable
even in death
a change of form
a silver thread
connecting destinations
singing little sunlight sparks
baby spiders flying on light
carrying information
stored data
pulsating energy
not seen
by tired eyes and broken dreams
light encoded filaments
magic not dependent on technology
a lost world
a Land Before Time

Those who never left
marvel at the theft
squeezed into a box
tall tales
those who have returned
to the norms of ecstasy
a distant and forgotten
always there in the library
for those who yearn
for adventure


Horses circling
nostrils flaring
no longer in the mist

Legions gather
in darkened skies
surrounding the chrysalis

No time left for the alchemist

This Wilderness

This wilderness is big enough
to hold all my pain
trees offer their silent support
wind blows contradiction
from my brain
the ocean makes simple sense
here I have a time out
from detours and doubt
a certain peace
that surpasses understanding
the awesome sight of so many worlds
so far away
twinkle hello
I am one here, humbled here
amongst the timeless rhythms of nature
the instinctual balance of life
without questions or searches
here I am all right


I am an angel
and the message
I carry
is me

Just by being here
I have served
my reason
for coming

Everything else
is gravy
take it
or leave it

Deep Ocean

The heart of my lover becomes my home
the body of my lover becomes my own
I cannot tell where her hand begins
and where mine ends

Ocean eyes blue sky tunnel of love
I dive inside for a blue hug
Immersed in waters wet and warm
shelter from the gathering storm

Exploring the depths of deep ocean fishes
allowing my heart to swim with wishes
free floating as a child in the womb
all is taken care of

Winter Bare

A bare tree
wrestles with fog
branches antlers engaged

Stark grim hills
take quiet bets
on who will win

Black birds blazing snow
too busy debating
miss all the action

A stern father
burning at noon
declares a no decision

While the river
stays frozen
in smug resolve

a solitary figure
walks the river, not feeling
cold or alone

sketching the wonder
of winter without any brush
entering the scene

then disappearing