Monday, February 17, 2014

A Packet of Standing Waves

I am
a packet of standing
on and off, on and off
here one moment
gone the next
what creation is this?

I heard
god was lonely
master bated
spreading the seed like dandelion
commanding the wind to blow
over gods green earth
a sewer dump of unconsciousness

I read that two female mice
had a baby together
and they didn’t call it Mickey
they called her Sophia
her name is forgotten
she limps along
flickering as the wax melts down

I hear a lot of things
children being drawn
to angels
and pain just
a passing ship
nothing real is threatened

when you whisper my name
I hear you
I love you
I am always near you
if you whisper or not
the heart is my guru
the pot is full

with water for my flowers
and nothing for my weeds
drawing the soul
into the pilots chair
of my little self
seems everyone has
an agenda

even the heart
here one moment
gone the next
the landscape
forever changing
reflecting all of creation
the waves keep moving

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