Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Memories of the Future

Life-is it a dream?
and if it is, what kind of dream
A nightmare
I am losing interest
outside of me
while a glorious, most spectacular state
awaits within
striving to maintain itself
stubborn and stumbling
the nightmare thrives
on emotion, mind, you, us, me
holding it up with a trillion thoughts
a million tears,
but we count in years.

I am a pioneer
sailing through these lands
forging a path
to a brand new world
a world that has never existed
except in my memories of the future
counter to the consensus reality
a danger to the present system
I sail, with each wave
amnesia lifting,
revealing the alien I am
to this dream
with longing and unfolding
my compass,
carrying the good news within

the seed of the new birth
change, a wind at my back
as the fires of chaos
rage and the nightmare fades
I keep drifting, farther and
farther away
on watch, expectant,
jubilant, the shores of home
will smile brightly
seeing I have returned
weary, I have unlearned
with a hand full of ashes
the nightmare burned
I step ashore awake, embraced
by all I have earned

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