Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Robert Frost I Hear You

the road less traveled
is a brave road,
lonely at times,
but when all is said and done,
one that is remembered,
in the ancient hall of records,
gold incorruptible pages.

the road less traveled
endures anger,
on the sidelines,
abuse and mocking,
an ugly collective face,
you must ignore,
they know not what they do.

the road less traveled
is a good road,
always remember this as you go,
clearing the overgrowth,
with mighty swords a flame,
dropping the chains,
never in vain, never in vain.

the road less traveled,
is a narrow road, like a camel,
through the eye of a needle,
you meet a lone traveler,
and then others,
working together, a crowd forms,
your pace quickens, the needle breaks, your heart sings.

the road less traveled
is destiny calling,
you cannot turn away,
so many in darkness depending,
on an opening,
a path out of blood lust,
falling breaking soul essence lost.

the road less traveled
is a necessary road,
for those who cannot bear cruelty,
stupidity, and bullies,
no matter how beaten down, shoes need to be filled,
no matter how,
the road needs travelers.

the road less traveled
will eventually blossom,
with fanfare and joy,
celebration and congratulation,
the prodigal ones once marooned,
soon to be at the banquet table,
smiling and reflecting on what they have done.

the road less traveled
is a road with sun,
wind, rain, moonlight, stars,
water for the weary, happy scars
angel guides gliding in stride,
always ready, ever by, standing strong,
for the winning side.