Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Light

Light comes now

making each morning Christmas

burning all religious images from my head

making straight that which was crooked

erasing all lies fed

Light works now

like a surgeon on a holy mission

a laser with hungry eyes of love

melting frozen fears settling

 gently down like a dove

Light cleans now

elevating and lifting

vibrating and shifting every speck of sand

melting prison bars of bones

extending freedoms open hand

Light feeds now

the ancient original voice

mysterious, expansive, boundless

finding its place in joy

happily riding a wave of trust

Light speaks now

taking back the reins of control

so tightly held you don't see how your fingers bled

 nature in perfect harmony

providing every need

Light enters now

remembering the gardens of forever

truth still lives where lies multiply

waking now in tired eyes

 no place to conquer or divide

Light liberates

clearing a path for the feminine

more energetic feeling and fluid creations

masculine machinery grinding wheels to a halt

in every corner of every nation

Light returns now

to liquefy the dense

expanding what has been compressed

the journey upward easier

than holding in all that was not expressed

Light is focused

on implementing the ancient plan

one living in the absolute now

giving up control to the law of allow

entering coherent and unified

through hearts connected

remembering love, light

energetic blood

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