Monday, December 31, 2012

The Instrument They Bound

With a new mind the sovereign remembers a leash
no release even upon dying
The programmed fear of death
Gives rise to no Lazarus
Wanting a nice burial
Deflated believing in defeat
Jesus cannot save him
Slave master, savior
After ascension
The second, first and third coming
Have already come and gone
release the hounds
release the guru
embrace the truth
Atonement is only a matter of time
They know their system inside out
yet there is great doubt
God wants to be free
No one can breathe for you
The god spark glows in the dark
Blow a fuse light a candle
Abused and over handled
You need no operating manual
You were born to be free
Drop their mind in the bin
On your way out
turn that frown upside down  
Recycle your chains
Into a crown
no longer
The human instrument they bound

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